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Knife Sharpening

Knives are an expensive investment and keeping them sharp not only increases their usability but makes cutting so much easier. There's nothing worse than a blunt knife so if you find yourself hacking through the veges or sawing through your meat then our drop off service is just what you need!

Drop your knives and/or scissors into our store at Unit 15, 18 Link Drive in Wairau Valley by Wednesday lunchtime each week and we will have them professionally sharpened by our local sharpening service and ready to be picked up again each Thursday morning. 

Our sharpening technicians have been trained and qualified in the art of sharpening and with over 30 years in blade sharpening are absolute craftsmen They use the Rapid Edge System to guarantee a precision ground sharper edge and we guarantee you will be impressed.

The details:

Drop off – any time before Wednesday lunchtime each week. You will be given a tag with your order reference number.

Pick up – Any time from Thursday morning. Pay at pick up.



  • Kitchen Knives (serrated and plain edge)
    • Large - $9
    • Small - $7
  • Bread Knives - $16
  • Cleavers - $14
  • Blender Blades - $18


  • Riveted and General Purpose - $12
  • Material and Kitchen - $17
  • Hairdressing  - $70

Dispatch Information

Ships 2-4 days – we pick these products up from our local suppliers twice a week and then send to you.

Ships 5-8 days – we order these products from our suppliers in Australia twice a week and then send to you on the same day they arrive in our store.

Special Order – This product is ordered as a one off with our European suppliers. They can take a few months to arrive. When you purchase we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss.

Pre-Order - This product is currently out of stock or soon to be released by our supplier. Buying today will secure your order from our first delivery. We would usually expect these products to be in our store within 10-14 days. When you purchase we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss.